• Gedeckt
  • Apero Kreuzgarten
  • Wein
  • Weiss gedeckt
  • Gemüse
  • Refektorium


Guests meet to eat, as they have for centuries, in the refectory – the monastery dining hall. The hall features a particularly beautiful wooden coffered ceiling. The wood paneled walls shown in old etchings were restored in modern form for the MUSIKINSEL. To honor the dignity of the location, this room is furnished with elegant tables and chairs.

Catering for the musicians is provided in the form of a buffet at which guests can serve themselves. With prior notice, we can take special food requests and intolerances into account.

Fruechteplatte Kl 2


We offer coffee, tea, soft drinks, wine, beer and snacks at all times in our lounge. These are paid for by our guests in an honor system. Guests note what they have consumed during their stay and pay for it when departing from the MUSIKINSEL. 

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