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Rehearsal rooms

The 16 acoustically optimized rehearsal rooms are all equipped with a grand piano or piano and offer room for up to 120 musicians. The smaller rooms are ideally suited for section and solo rehearsals. 

Overview and prices

Each of the 16 rehearsal rooms has their own characteristics and dimensions. Chairs, tables and music stands are provided as requested. In the overview and the detailed information on the individual rehearsal rooms you can find photos and a detailed description and a list of its equipment (instruments, acoustic elements, floor characteristics, room height, floor plan). 

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Orchestra Foyer

The MUSIKINSEL's Orchestra Foyer consists of four rooms that can be booked and used as offices, jury rooms and break rooms for individual musicians. They are equipped with chairs, tables and a copier/printer. Our free Wi-Fi can also be accessed from here. 

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Being positioned on an island and inside the massive historical walls the prerequisite for good acoustics is given: silence. In addition, all of the rehearsal rooms are individually acoustically optimized, resulting in the ideal reverberation time for each room.

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Seminar Rooms

13 of our 16 rehearsal rooms and the Sitzungszimmer (meeting room) make it possible to conduct a seminar in a location with special charisma. The silence of the Musikinsel encourages complete concentration without distractions from the outside world. All rehearsal rooms are suffused with daylight and offer marvelous views of the surroundings. The rooms are equipped with tables, chairs, a beamer, screen and flip charts according to your request.

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